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There is a range of approvals and standards that can be met by electrical heating products. These range from legally required minimum standards through to high-end approvals that demonstrate that products are tested against the highest safety standards.


Our range of FXPH heaters are approved to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for use in hazardous zones 1 and 2.

British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) Approved

The BEAB Approved Mark for Intertek is a European Safety Mark used by leading electrical manufacturers to support CE marking and to demonstrate conformity with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Importantly however a BEAB Approved Mark on a product demonstrates that Intertek (an independent third party) has verified its safety..

Recognised across the UK and Europe, the BEAB Approved Mark demonstrates the safety pedigree of a product. It shows commitment to best practice, commitment to producing quality goods and most importantly commitment to customer safety. This is the highest safety standard achievable in the UK market. The mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in an inspected factory, using accepted methods, that the products have been tested and assessed by Intertek, and that the products bearing the BEAB approved mark are also randomly checked by Intertek on an annual basis.

The use of this mark on our products, packaging and literature indicate Dimplex products meet this standard.

CE Mark

Many products in the EU are covered by a directive which states that the manufacturer must declare their product meets the minimum safety, health and environmental legislation required of it by European law. This is denoted by the CE mark on the product..


A product testing and approval body to ensure products and materials comply with the requirements of the UK water supply regulations and relevant building regulations. Please see product pages for specific details.

Wras Approved

WRAS is The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and Dimplex water heating products have been tested and comply with the WRAS approval scheme. Please see product pages for specific details.

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