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Cadiz, Chico, Contrast, Dimplex, DryTech, DuoHeat, Latitude, Quartray, Tipsy, Twin Sensor are all Registered Trade Marks in the United Kingdom.

Dimplex Optiflame fires are protected by patent numbers: GB2230335, AU621713, USA4965707, IE63651 & NZ232435.

Opti-myst effect is protected by multiple worldwide patents.

Opti-V effect is patent pending No. PCT/EP2013/051263, and is the subject of patent application.

Dimplex Quantum heater is protected byt the following patent numbers in the following countries:
Great Britain - GB 2481048, GB 2487147, GB 2487148, GB 1101971.8, GB 1205302.1, GB 1212547.2, GB1212546.4, GB 1304025.8
Australia - AU 2011263698
Canada - CA 2,801,973
Chile - CL 03468-2012
European - EP 11731288.4
New Zealand - NZ 604163
South Africa - ZA 2012/09378
United States - US 13/703,068
China - CN 201180037404.2
Japan - JP 506280052

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