If you’re frustrated with your old, outdated storage heaters, the award-winning Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater will totally transform your heating and your home. Whether it’s coming home from work, curling up in front of the TV in the evening or waking up in the morning, our electric heaters create a welcoming, cosy home – 24 hours a day. They’re the world’s most advanced off-peak heaters – designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Dimplex, the world’s leading electric heating appliance manufacturer.

Unique technology, leading innovation.

Quantum is the result of our commitment to product development and innovation. The technology is unique and is protected by patents in the UK and abroad, which is why you won’t find it in anyone else’s products.

Great value. Great savings.

An independent test has shown that a heating system using a mix of Quantum off-peak heaters and direct acting convectors (such as the Dimplex Q-Rad) can offer running cost savings of up to £418 per annum when compared to a manual static storage system and up to £975 when replacing an electric convector or radiator system on standard tariff.**

Relax. Quantum comes with a 10-year warranty.†

Enjoy a wonderfully warm home and sleep soundly knowing Quantum’s designed to be extremely reliable and maintenance free. However, for additional peace of mind, we give you a 10-year warranty as standard.

Be warm and comfortable 24-7. Intelligent temperature control. 

The innovative, built-in iQ controller^ monitors the weather and your heating habits, then automatically adjusts so you can enjoy your perfect room temperature – without lifting a finger.

Buy with confidence. We’re the World’s largest electric heating appliance manufacturer.   

We have nearly 70 years of experience and our own in-house research, development, design and manufacturing facilities – all right here in the UK.

Safety first. Quantum is certified to the highest standards. 

Unlike most electric heaters from other countries, Quantum is BEAB Approved – the highest safety standard achievable in the UK. 


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