Dimplex at the Ideal Home Show 2017

Stand Number H535




There’s nothing quite like the effect of a real fire. It creates a wonderful feeling of comfort,
but an open fire can be inconvenient and messy.


Using unique state-of-the-art, patented technology, Dimplex has created Opti-myst®
the world’s most realistic electric flame and smoke effect – an illusion so effective that we believe
it is difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.


You can experience the range of Opti-myst®fires at the Ideal Home Show and
take a selfie amongst the ‘flames’ of our fire walk on stand H535.


For the ultimate effect, Dimplex will be showing the Opti-myst® Indulgence suite,
a sumptuous fireplace surround that frames the most realistic flame-effect electric fire in the world.


Learn just how easy Opti-myst is to install, operate and maintain
at the Opti-myst seminars running on the Dimplex stand…





Quantum for whole home heating



The perfect replacement for your old, outdated storage heater, Quantum is the world’s most advanced off-peak heater – designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Dimplex - using low-cost, off-peak energy, makes it the most economical electric heating system on the market today.


Its sleek, modern, slimline design is compact enough for any sized room and can be installed as a standalone heater or part of a system in multiple rooms.


State-of-the-art Quantum intelligently adapts to match climatic conditions and your lifestyle, delivering heat only when it is needed.


Calculated using SAP 2012 – the only Government approved energy performance assessment method - Quantum Heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system.


Attend the Quantum seminar on our stand to learn more…



Get ‘Smart’ about your Electric Heating and Hot Water



Replace your outdated storage and water heaters with an efficient off-peak Dimplex Quantum heating system. In addition to Quantum Heaters, Dimplex’s Q-Rad brings intuitive control that lets you choose when you want heat and at what temperature. Q‐Rad then takes care of the rest.


With a Quantum Cylinder Dimplex delivers reliable, cost-effective hot water with market leading controls that tell at a glance how much hot water is available to use.


See the Quantum Heating System at the Ideal Home Show…



Introducing Reditap From Dimplex’s sister company Redring



Reditap is a ‘three in one’ boiling water kitchen tap with a difference. It is an affordable option for those looking for a contemporary mixer tap that instantly dispenses boiling water for hot drinks as well as conventional hot and cold water for washing up and cleaning.



With a compact two litre boiling water tank, Reditap offers a greater capacity than domestic kettles and still leaves plenty of cupboard space under the sink. Reditap is a straightforward install, requiring minimum tools for connection as it comes complete with all the necessary fittings in one box.


See Reditap in action on the Dimplex stand at the Ideal Home Show…  




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