27 February 2017

From January 2018, all local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU must comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive.
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14 February 2017

Red is the colour of love so, for an electric Valentine’s Day, why not cosy up with your loved one today in front of the Grand Rouge Opti-myst® Electric Stove from Dimplex?
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Why is it seemingly impossible to keep warm in an office?

3 February 2017

More than a year ago the Telegraph highlighted how most office heating systems were sexist, with air conditioning units designed for the resting metabolic rate of a 40-year-old man. Setting temperatures on this basis overestimates that of women on aver...
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Piping Hot – preventing burst water pipes in freezing weather

25 January 2017

With rapid freeze/thaw cycles in the weather striking the UK there is a real threat of damage to household pipework. Whether a homeowner or a landlord you should be aware of the state of pipework and the potential impact of a burst pipe.
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Safety First, Sensible Use of Portable Heaters

13 January 2017

At Dimplex we design every electric heater with safety front and centre, and used correctly they should be much safer than other types of heating. With the weather turning so cold this weekend it is timely to remember some basic safety advice that shou...
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Getting the most out of newly specified ground source heat pump systems

16 December 2016

Based on Dimplex’s recent CPD, ‘Hydronic Distribution’, Christian Hadley, installed product marketing manager, Dimplex, highlights four key factors for good plant room design when installing a commercial ground source heat pump...
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Using Heat Pumps To Pass Planning And Building Regulations

9 December 2016

Our latest CPD, ‘How do heat pumps help to pass planning and building regulations?’ is a perfect introduction for those who have to balance competing requirements for new buildings.
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Fire & Ice

30 November 2016

This festive season, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has created a unique challenge for Dimplex
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Reducing a Hotel’s Carbon Footprint

11 November 2016

Heating accounts for around 60 per cent of energy use in a home and in commercial buildings it can be even higher.
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How to counter the shock of winter heating bills

4 November 2016

According to new research one in five in the UK will opt to go without heating this winter. With the average annual gas bill reaching £714, understandably people will worry about the cost of heating.
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