Commercial Fan Heaters warm up Fawley Power Station

3 April 2012

Electric heating from Dimplex has been selected to help keep a major south coast power station running, with a selection of industrial fan heaters, panel convectors and radiant heaters making sure workers are comfortable year-round.
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ARC Air Curtain Ensures A Warm Reception At Kingsway Hall Hotel

15 November 2011

There’s a warm reception for visitors to the prestigious Kingsway Hall Hotel in London’s Covent Garden, with the installation of a Dimplex ARC architectural air curtain that helps prevent draughts from the frequently opening doors.
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Air Curtains Add Warmth For Worship at Cirencester Church

7 November 2011

A Dimplex air curtain above a draughty north facing doorway is helping to create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere for parishioners in an historic Cirencester church.
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Fan Heaters And Air Curtains Deliver Dining Comfort At Oxford University

24 June 2010

When an Oxford University college needed to improve comfort levels in a hard-to-heat dining hall, Dimplex’s commercial heating experts came up with an efficient solution to keep students warm year-round.
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Staveley Healthy Living Centre Selects ARC Air Curtains

14 September 2008

Heralded locally as a flagship demonstration of how green technologies can be used to the benefit of a whole community, the new Healthy Living Centre in Staveley, Derbyshire has opted to fit Dimplex ARC architectural air curtains as part of an extensive list of energy saving measures.
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CAB Air Curtains Provide A Driving Force For A1M Motorway Services

5 July 2008

Motorway service areas in the UK have the highest visitor footfall for service stations in Europe and Dimplex is helping to keep the tough external environment out at ten motorway service areas run by Extra MSA Services Ltd, with the selection of its CAB range of air curtains.
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Jaeger Outlet Store Selects CAB And DAB Air Curtains

30 April 2008

Jaeger, Pilot, Julian Graves and Regatta are among the well known brand names at Belfast’s The Outlet designer shopping centre that have chosen Dimplex air curtains to provide an invisible barrier of air to keep either warm or cold air in when doors are frequently opened.
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CAB Air Curtain Helps Dune Shoes Take A Step Into The Unknown

7 October 2007

Dimplex put its best foot forward with a ‘fast fit’ air curtain installation at a trendy Dune shoe shop in South Molton Street, London.
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Giraffe Restaurant Has A Breath Of Fresh Air with CAB Air Curtains

28 September 2007

Giraffe is a funky restaurant chain featuring a wide range of world cuisines and with everything on offer from breakfast to late-night cocktails, the atmosphere needs to continually feel fresh as well as requiring high levels of hygiene.
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CAB Air Curtains Provide Market Fresh Air At Somerfield

28 September 2007

Somerfield is Britain’s fifth-largest supermarket chain and is currently undertaking the mammoth project of consolidating under the Somerfield fascia more than 1000 stores across the UK. As a brand that’s investing in growth, it selects its suppliers carefully to ensure that it delivers a consistently high quality shopping experience to its customers, and UK electric heating market leader Dimplex is helping to create the right environment in-store.
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