Dimplex Plays A Key Part In New Air Curtain Guidebook (WC3023)

25 April 2016

Dimplex has worked with other manufacturers and Eurovent, Europe’s industry association for indoor climate, process cooling and food cold chain technologies, to help produce the first edition of the new Eurovent Air Curtains Guidebook.
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Air Curtains: Ensuring Installation Excellence

11 November 2014

Air curtains work by use a fast-moving airstream to ‘seal the gap’ created by open doorways, allowing buildings to hold on to treated air and ultimately reduce overall energy consumption.
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Heating Entrances: Specifying The Right Solution (WC3017)

10 November 2014

With a wide choice of heating solutions for entrances and doorways, it can be difficult to know which is best for your needs. Overdoor heaters, air curtains and industrial air barriers give a whole spectrum of options for every organisation, helping to improve efficiency and reduce overall energy bills.
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New PIR Sensor From Dimplex (WC3009)

13 February 2014

Dimplex has introduced a new automatic passive infra-red (PIR) sensor to optimise the performance of its energy efficient radiant heating solutions.
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Dimplex Recessed Ceiling Heater: New Design And Time Saving Features (WC3003PR)

13 August 2013

Dimplex has updated its AC3CN recessed ceiling heater for commercial buildings with a new white linear grille and hinged access for easy installation and connection.
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A Breath Of Fresh Air For Dimplex Air Curtain Ranges (C2530)

22 April 2013

Leading name in heating Dimplex is bringing easier installation and wider choice to its extensive selection of air curtains, with design improvements to its recessed models and a choice of performance options for its stylish ARC range.
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Flexible, Powerful Heating Solutions - Dimplex Style (D2439)

22 February 2013

Dimplex is the market leader in electric heating, with a range of clean, efficient and economical heating products, ideal for virtually any permanent and temporary heating solution in all types of garages, workshops, showrooms and offices.
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Dimplex Heating Solutions For Healthcare (D2389)

18 January 2013

Dimplex is the market leader in electric heating, with a range of clean, efficient and economical heating products, ideal for virtually any permanent and temporary heating solutions in all types of healthcare environments.
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Cut CRC EES Costs With Energy Efficient Air Curtains From Dimplex (C1824)

2 February 2012

Businesses are facing up to buying their first carbon credits under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in April 2012, but the financial costs of the scheme can be reduced in future years by installing energy-saving equipment such as Dimplex air curtains.
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Dimplex Opens Doors for Energy Saving In Schools (D1202)

18 April 2011

There’s a fast and cost-effective ‘way in’ to energy savings in schools and educational buildings by installing Dimplex air curtains over external doors which can help cut a building’s energy consumption by up to 30 per cent.
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