Which? Awards for Dimplex Heaters (WO3002PR)

14 January 2016

Two popular Dimplex portable heaters have been recognised for their outstanding performance with Which? Best Buy Awards in the latest electric heater review guide.
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Dimplex Heater Scores Which? Best Buy (WCP1005)

12 March 2015

A heater from Dimplex has been awarded the Which? Best Buy for its heating ability and ease of use. The Studio G (DXSTG25) Ceramic Fan Tower Heater featured in the consumer body’s top five Best Buys - beating the likes of Dyson.
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Hot To Cool: A Year-Round Appliance (WF3017PR)

10 September 2013

The versatile Dimplex GloFan upright electric fan heater provides comfort throughout the year like few other heating products thanks to a range of heat settings from 2kW fan heater to a cool blow setting for the warmer months.
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Dimplex Seen On TV In 'Our Queen' Documentary (D2531)

5 April 2013

Dimplex has been in the national news again, this time seen in use in the royal palaces, spotted by eagle-eyed viewers of ITV’s ‘Our Queen’, a special feature-length documentary giving an unprecedented, intimate portrait of the Queen’s daily life.
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Dimplex Heating Solutions For Healthcare (D2389)

18 January 2013

Dimplex is the market leader in electric heating, with a range of clean, efficient and economical heating products, ideal for virtually any permanent and temporary heating solutions in all types of healthcare environments.
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Dimplex MicroFire Joins Pulp On Stage (F1790)

23 December 2011

A Dimplex MicroFire portable fan heater with Optiflame® effect recently joined the band Pulp on stage for its 2011 reunion tour.
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Beat The Cold Snap With Handy Heat From Dimplex (D090103)

13 January 2009

As temperatures plummet across the UK, keeping warm can be difficult for all of us so portable electric heating from Dimplex is just the thing to help you plug in and warm up.
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New Design Dimplex Convector (D081003)

17 October 2008

Dimplex has launched the new Contrast range of portable convectors, a stylishly designed range to replace the popular DX range. The five new models, with outputs from 2 – 3kW, all have a forward facing grille designed for maximum heat throw and greater choice of application, including temporary accommodation.
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Eco Is Hot On Heat With Green Appeal (D080803)

21 August 2008

The popular Dimplex Eco oil-free column heater heats up much faster than traditional oil-filled column radiators and this rapid warm-up means this energy efficient Eco oil-free column is approximately 30 percent more heat effective than its nearest oil-filled column competitor.
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It’s Easy With Electric – Eight Steps to Part L Compliance (1901)

4 March 2008

Every week the team at Dimplex helps developers to reduce their projects’ carbon emissions and achieve Part L compliance. Dimplex offers substantial support to builders and specifiers who may have been given misleading information on Part L compliance, with a dedicated field specification team and a heating design team who regularly provide guidance over the phone.
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