Ground Force (WR3160F)

20 July 2016

Chris Stammers, product marketing director for Dimplex, considers the technical considerations that housebuilders must make before planning a ground source heat pump installation.
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Plant Room Planning For Heat Pumps (WR3161)

19 May 2016

Chris Stammers, product marketing director at Dimplex, draws on the manufacturer’s latest CPD module to explore the plant room considerations that must be made when installing ground source heat pumps in commercial environments.
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The Need to Ensure Correct Maintenance Regimes for HVAC Equipment (WC3022)

22 April 2016

Chris Stammers, product marketing director from Dimplex comments: “Whether it is a heat pump delivering renewable heat, an air curtain providing a barrier between the outside and indoor air, or an air conditioning unit maintaining the internal climate of the building, regular maintenance is important to ensure performance of commercial HVAC equipment."
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Creating Opportunities (WR3156)

19 March 2016

With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) now in place until at least 2021, installers can move forward with confidence that air and ground source heat pumps remain a viable, effective heating source for many householders.
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A Re'new'able Lease of Life (WR3150)

12 January 2016

From National Trust properties to private family estates, the UK is home to hundreds of historic buildings that rely on outdated, inefficient fossil fuel heating systems to heat large, poorly insulated rooms. Built in a different era, without any of the building fabric advances or building insulation that would come as standard in a comparable modern property, the excessive cost of heating remains one of the biggest risks to the future of such buildings.
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Staying Ahead of the Game (WR3131F)

20 June 2015

With growing awareness of proven technologies such as heat pumps, renewable energy continues to generate positive leads for many forward-thinking electrical contractors. Clare Campbell, renewables product marketing manager for Dimplex, looks at what an electrical contractor must do to be eligible for green heating installations – and the opportunities it can create.
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Warming to Heat Pumps (WR3122)

25 April 2015

With housebuilding back on the rise, the new build sector more than any other, offers the ideal blank canvas for developers to begin integrating renewable technology into domestic properties. Clare Campbell, renewables product marketing manager for Dimplex, considers why heat pumps are proving a reliable solution for housebuilders.
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Time To Join The Renewables Revolution (WR3116)

28 March 2015

With the Renewable Heat Incentive now well under way and a growing interest in renewable heating solutions, there has never been a better time for plumbing and heating engineers to consider renewables. Clare Campbell, renewables product marketing manager at Dimplex, looks at what it takes to join the renewables revolution.
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The Heat Pump Equation (WR3109)

15 January 2015

Commercial buildings must take an increasingly energy efficient approach if they are to meet the standards required by ever more stringent Building Regulations and planning requirements. Clyde MacVeigh looks at how heat pumps can help a project to tick all the right boxes – and cut costs too.
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Turning Up The Heat On Energy Efficiency

12 December 2014

From energy efficient, whole-building solutions to intelligent, individual appliances, there are a whole host of heating solutions available for local authority buildings. Karen Trewick, director of communications at electric heating leaders Dimplex, looks at some of the latest innovations and how they combine energy efficiency with cost-saving credentials, meeting stringent legislation too. SO32 2HL
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