The Rise & Rise of Electrically Heated Homes (WD3093)

15 November 2014

With DECC firmly pinning the electrification of heating as the future of the UK, Chris Stammers, marketing director at Dimplex, considers how housing trends and the latest legislation are encouraging developers to turn to electric heating - and how builders merchants can use this to increase their heating sales.
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Energy Efficient Cylinders Keep Control Of Customers' Costs (A1662)

5 November 2011

It’s looking like there could be a bleak winter ahead, both in terms of weather, with early snows forecast, as well as for household finances, with rising inflation, increased VAT, and government spending cuts all squeezing the pound in householders’ pockets. As homeowners increasingly scrutinise their fuel bills, writes Karen Trewick, marketing communications manager at Dimplex Renewables, it’s no wonder that their interest in low cost, low carbon water heating from renewable sources is on the up.
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Green Is Good With Dimplex EC-Eau Cashback (A1539)

12 September 2011

Installers have the chance this autumn to earn up to £250 cashback on purchases from Dimplex’s new EC-Eau range of water heating solutions, with the Green Cylinder Cashback Scheme.
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Unvented Cylinders Can Boost A Home's Energy Efficiency (R1396)

9 June 2011

Water heating accounts for an increasing proportion of a home’s running costs and carbon emissions. It may even overtake space heating in carbon emissions in new homes, says a new report from the Energy Saving Trust and the Environment Agency, so it makes sense to look at the energy efficiency of the hot water system. But hot water cylinders aren’t all the same, writes Clare Campbell, product marketing manager at Dimplex Renewables, as some have a greater capacity for energy-saving than others.
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Energy Saving Electric Heating Can Help Business Economise (D359)

27 August 2009

With the green shoots of recovery now just about visible, the UK can cautiously look forward to better times ahead, we’re told. But life remains tough out there and heating installers and specifiers still need to be aware that saving money, both on capital and on running costs, is still high on their customers’ agenda, writes Phil Chilton, Dimplex commercial product manager.
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Simple Solar - The Fast Way To Valuable Energy Points (R170)

30 April 2009

With the legislative and financial pressure that’s on developers today to meet tough targets under tight budgets, now is the time to look for products that offer fast routes to practical solutions, writes Karen Trewick, marketing communications manager at Dimplex.
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Cut The Costs, Cut The Carbon - Saving Energy (D090106)

29 January 2009

With the recession now official and pundits gloomily predicting we’re still only at the start of the downturn, cost-saving is moving to the top of the priority list, for homeowners and businesses alike.
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Electric Heating - Fuel Of The Future, Solving Problems Today (D080904)

2 October 2008

We can’t seem to open a magazine these days – be it trade or consumer - without there being some article referring to energy issues and as we enter the winter, it continues to remain a hot topic writes Karen Trewick, marketing communications manager at Dimplex.
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Electric Heating Controls The Credit Crunch (D080903)

18 September 2008

As the cost of living spirals ever upwards and the credit crunch really starts to bite, businesses and householders alike are looking for ways to control costs and electric heating’s controllability and flexibility can often offer just the right solution, writes Karen Trewick, Dimplex marketing communications manager. With low installation costs and a wide range of energy-saving features, electric solutions really can help your customers to keep fuel bills to a minimum.
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