Address Building Regulations With Low Carbon Electric Water Heating From Dimplex

9 September 2016

Dimplex has launched the EDL200 and EDL270 hot water heat pump, a lower carbon alternative to electric immersion heaters that makes it easier to capitalise on the benefits of electric heating for smaller properties that have to pass Building Regulations.
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The World's Most Advanced Direct Electric Water Cylinder (WD3063)

11 March 2014

Dimplex has launched the Quantum water cylinder, an intuitive, unvented direct cylinder which offers reliable and efficient water heating with an unprecedented level of control for electrically heated homes.
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Hot Water Expertise From Dimplex at Phex (R2118)

24 July 2012

Leading name in heating and hot water Dimplex will be displaying its water heating expertise at this year’s PHEX autumn exhibitions, with a wide range of renewable and conventional solutions on show.
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Dimplex Delivers On EC-Eau Cylinders (R1854)

13 February 2012

Dimplex now offers an improved delivery service on its popular EC-Eau range of unvented cylinders, minimising merchants’ stock requirements – and helping installers get on with the job.
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New High Efficiency Evacuated Tube Solar Collector From Dimplex (R1484)

29 August 2011

Dimplex is adding a high efficiency evacuated tube solar collector to its solar thermal water heating range, giving specifiers even more flexibility when designing systems for any installation.
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Dimplex EC-Eau Cylinders For Energy Efficient Hot Water (A1360)

31 May 2011

The new EC-Eau range of hot water cylinders from Dimplex has the answer for every home as, in addition to models for use with renewable energy systems, it also includes an extensive range of standard direct and indirect unvented cylinders, which incorporate a number of energy-saving design features.
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Dimplex Launches New Cost-Effective Solar Collector (R1359)

10 May 2011

Dimplex is extending choices in solar thermal water heating, with the launch of the SOLC201 flat plate collector, which provides a cost-effective way to start enjoying low cost, low carbon hot water.
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New Solar Thermal Collectors From Dimplex (R1201)

8 February 2011

Dimplex is the market leader in electric heating. With a choice of nearly 400 heating and water heating products and nearly 60 years experience, we can offer the most effective solutions for most domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
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SCxn Water Cylinders From Dimplex (A1167)

25 November 2010

Dimplex’s SCxn range of unvented water cylinders offers economical electric water heating – with a compact footprint ideal for today’s smaller homes.
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Commercial Hot Water Cylinders From Dimplex (A174)

30 June 2009

The Dimplex range of SCx unvented water cylinders has been expanded with a range of commercial size cylinders.
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