Oil-Filled Column

Technical Specification


All models are provided with thermostatic control, a choice of heat settings and neon indicator.

24-Hour Programmable Timer

The Ti model incorporates a 24-hour electronic timer. This enables daily heating needs to be programmed in advance. A manual override enables the heater to provide instant heat during an “off” period without affecting the pre-set programme.



Cable Plug

Each model is supplied with cable and fitted 13 amp plug.

Safety Protection

Fitted with an auto reset safety cut out.

Dimensions and Loadings

Model Load TimerNo. of FinsHeight (with feet)Width (with feet)Depth (with feet)Weight
OFC1500 1.5kW 7 635mm 280mm 398mm 10kg
OFC2000 2.0kW 9 635mm 290mm 440mm 11kg
OFC2000Ti 2.0kW 9 635mm 290mm 440mm 11kg
OFC2000Tib 2.0kW 9 635mm 290mm 440mm 11kg

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