Opti-myst is a revolution in electric fire technology.
Using unique state-of-the-art technology, we have created the most realistic flame and smoke effect ever seen in an electric fire – an illusion so effective that we believe it is difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.

The fully 3-dimensional effect uses established ultrasonic technology adapted from commercial applications to create an ultra fine water mist that is illuminated to create the ‘flames’ and the ‘smoke’. This produces an effect that surpasses all expectations for realism in an electric fire.

The magic of an Opti-myst fire

There’s nothing quite like the effect of a fire. It creates a wonderful feeling of comfort and cosiness. Looking deceptively real, an Opti-myst fire will capitivate you from the moment you see it. The fully 3-dimensional effect creates authentic looking ‘flames’ and ‘smoke’ delivering a warm and cosy atmosphere to any room.

Revolutionary technology
The flame and smoke effect is created using ultrasonic waves which atomise water to create an extremely fine mist. This is not steam since the water is at room temperature and, therefore, the “flames” are safe to touch. As the mist is so fine it does not add significantly to the humidity of the room.

Realistic fire effect
After much testing, Dimplex has fine-tuned the ultrasonic transducer to produce the most realistic flame and smoke effect possible.

Anti-microbial additives
For added peace of mind, an anti-microbial substance has been added into the plastic material used in Opti-myst fires.
Also, a report by the Microbiology Department, University College Cork concluded that the unit offers no risks to use from a microbiological perspective.

Easy to clean
It is recommended to use filtered water in Opti-myst fires. If tap water is used, a build up of limescale can seriously hinder the production of flame and smoke effect.
However, if a build up of limescale does occur, the plastic materials used have a highly polished finish to ensure easier cleaning and removal of limescale.
The sump can even be placed in a dishwasher.

Flickering flames
A small fan blows the water mist out of the sump and over the light bulbs. Adjustments of this fan enable the user to control the size of flame arising from their fire.

This amazing effect is currently available here.

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