EC-Eau Standard Cylinders


  • Stainless steel unvented cylinders for either direct electric heating or with a coil for indirect heating.
  • Indirect range: 7 models from 100 to 300L
  • Direct range: 7 models from 100 to 300L
  • Tough, attractive, easy to clean outer casing - made from 100% recycled materials
  • 60mm of CFC/HCFC free insulation minimises heat loss and energy consumption.
  • Immersion for sterilisation and back up heating.
  • Mains pressure hot water.
  • Fast filling baths.
  • Powerful invigorating showers.
  • Simultaneous supply of water to all bathrooms.
  • No cold water storage tank required, freeing up valuable living space.
  • Long life low maintenance hot water supply.
  • Backed by a big name in domestic heating.

Installer Features

  • Duplex stainless steel inner cylinder with 25 year warranty.
  • External expansion vessel to maximise cylinder capacity.
  • HIPS/ABS outer cladding, hard wearing, flexible and damage resistant
  • No anode – reduces service requirements.
  • CFC/HCFC free injected foam insulation.
    - Exceeds "CHESS" best practice standards for low heat loss and heat recovery
    - Completely void free, including insulation around immersions and thermostats
  • Light-weight for easy handling to site.
  • Supplied with all the necessary safety equipment requiired by governing legislation.
  • All connections accessible from the front
  • Recessed immersion heaters and thermostat housings for reduced energy wastage.
  • Surface mounted sensors for ease of maintenance.
  • Side hot water draw off connection, minimises heat loss through the top of the cylinder.

Optional Extras

  • Titanium elements
    - Only to be fitted by an authorised contractor.
    - 5 year warranty

Edel Floor Cylinder Models 200 and 270

Intuitive controller with four operating modes:

  • Boost mode for periods of higher hot water consumption.
  • Comfort mode for everyday use.
  • Eco mode lowers the water temperature when the property is empty.
  • Holiday mode re-starts hot water production before the home owner returns from a period being away.

Features for the UK market:

  • Compatible with Off-peak tariffs.
  • Built in defrost mode for use with external air.
  • Meets Part G3 or the UK water regulations via KIWA approval (pending).
  • Includes factory fitted T&P valve. Tundish and inlet group included in scope of supply.

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