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Corporate social responsibility

Dimplex, as a subsidiary of Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation (GDHV), a major employer and significant business partner, is committed to taking corporate responsibility seriously. We define our social responsibility into four areas:

Marketplace – responsibility to our customers, suppliers and partners as a leading brand company

Workplace – commitment to our most valuable resource; our employees

Environment – to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment

Community – commitment to the local communities in which we operate


We aim to run our business in a way that singles us out as a great provider of services as a favoured partner to do business with. Our aim is to work with stakeholders to develop long-term relationships. Our contracts will clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and the basis of our relationship.

We are mindful of our environmental responsibilities and look to promoting sustainability within our products, for example, low energy light bulbs, oil free radiators, and FSC certified wood products. We also host a range of Renewable products including heat pumps and solar technologies.

We have an integrated product range where all our products are designed to be environmentally friendly and minimise energy consumption, both renewable and traditional.


Glen Dimplex UK Limited employ approximately 250 people and we are committed to offering them a rewarding and challenging workplace. We offer clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continual development. We also operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and future employees.


We are aware of the scale of impact our operation has on the environment. As such, we are committed to exploring ways of reducing the impact of what we do. We will take a responsible attitude and lead the way in developing initiative to further improve out environmental footprint.

We sit on the board of REPIC and act in accordance with the producer led WEEE compliance scheme.

Most of our production is within the UK thus reducing our carbon footprint significantly. Our transport partners are committed to reducing the impact on the environment and adopt a green fleet, which works to reduce road miles.


We work hard to be good corporate citizens, we work to support the sustainability of both global and the local communities in which we operate and actively encourage our employees and suppliers to consider the needs of others

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