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Corporate responsibility & the environment

Dimplex seeks to minimise environmental impacts and reduce the depletion of natural resources across our entire business.

 Owned by management and employees alike, we monitor and drive sustainability compliance efforts through awareness, self-assessments, audits and taking corrective actions as needed.

Dimplex is dedicated as a business to enable people around the world to make considered, educated decisions as to how to heat their homes or businesses in a more efficient, sustainable, and ultimately environmentally friendly manner.  Reducing the dependency on, or providing a realistic alternative to, non-electric fuels to warm built environments is our mission.

Our products are designed to use electrical resources efficiently—minimising waste.

We support all our partners in their commitment to the elimination of toxic materials and heavy metals from the product supply chain.

We support the responsible management of the world’s forests. The majority of Dimplex fireplaces, surround and electric stoves are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Dimplex also adheres to EUTR (EU timber regulations). 

We encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, customers, employees, communities and stakeholders.