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Quality standards

As part of its commitment to quality, Dimplex applies rigorous controls to all aspects of the business.


Stringent quality controls are applied to every part of the manufacturing process and is ISO9000 approved.

CE Marks

All Dimplex products carry the CE mark, complying with the European safety standards and the European Standard for electro-magnetic capability.


For details of certifications please see the link.

Heating Design Service

The Dimplex team of specialists are either NHER or Elmhurst Energy accredited in the calculation of SAP and building control calculations and qualified to give guidance and assistance.


Dimplex products are all designed to comply with the set safety standards. However, in order to be effective, heaters or towel rails of any type do get hot especially (if applicable) around the air outlet grille. Therefore if aged or infirm persons, or young children are likely to be left unsupervised in the vicinity of a heater, Dimplex advises that precautions should be taken. Dimplex recommends that a guard is fitted around the heater, as is normal with many types of heating appliances in similar circumstances, to ensure contact with the heater is avoided and objects cannot be inserted into the product. Heating appliances should never be covered or positioned where objects may fall onto them.

For further information on guards please refer to the Accessories page within the storage heater product section within this site or contact Norfolk Industries on 01603 667957