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Addressing La Niña with Dimplex

Address la nina with Dimplex

La Niña has officially hit Britain. The cool phase of the weather pattern started in October, and some parts of the country are already suffering the effects of the plummeting temperatures. This indicates that 2017 will not follow the same pattern as last year, which was the warmest winter on record. With national papers predicting similar weather effects to the last wave of La Niña in the UK in 2010 that ‘brought swathes of the country to a standstill’, this is a vital time to be considering the importance and benefits of upgrading existing outdated electric heating systems.

Quantum is the most economical electric heating system on the market today, using low-cost, off-peak energy with an iQ controller that uses a self-learning algorithm to take just the right amount of heat to match the lifestyle and climate conditions of its user intuitively and precisely. Its exceptional levels of insulation mean it can retain heat unlike any other storage heater and its easy-to-read LCD display and user-friendly low torque rotary control make it universally simple to use. With cost savings reported as being up to 27% cheaper to run and using up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system, it is the ideal heater to offer those facing fuel poverty in the coming winter months.

The Dimplex Q-Rad is ideal for replacing out of date convector or electric heaters. Thanks to its low thermal mass, Q-Rad is able to heat up more quickly and react more responsively to changes in room temperature than a fluid-filled electric radiator. This means improved control, comfort and energy savings. With features such as Eco-start and open window detection, the Q-Rad optimises the energy taken and automatically adapts if certain conditions change (such as the heat beings to escape a room due to a window or door being left open) which results in the minimum amount of energy being wasted and cost savings for the user.

La Niña will soon be in full swing, with the whole country being disrupted by the freezing conditions in so many parts of their lives, now is the time to provide the solution to those facing fuel poverty and those with outdated electric heating systems, providing them with warmth and comfort this winter.