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Air Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning Dimplex air treatment products.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or are looking for product specific details such as dimensions, please go to the product page which can be found by using the search function at the top right hand of the screen. There you will find the relevant manuals and guides and technical specifications. 

How often should I clean and replace the filter in my dehumidifier?

The filter should be removed and cleaned with warm water every two weeks and allowed to dry naturally before being returned. We recommend the filter be replaced every three months. Replacement filters can be bought from the spares section of our website.

Where can I place my cooling fan?

You can use this appliance anywhere indoors, as long as it is not near heat, open flames, cooking appliances or any heating appliances.

How do I clean my cooling fan?

Disconnect it from the mains before attempting to clean the appliance. Clean the air inlet and outlet regularly with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth as these areas accumulate dust normally during use. Do not use petrol or solvents or abrasive cleaning agents as these will ruin the surface of the fan.

How do I clean my air purifier?

It is recommended that you clean the outer body of the air purifier every 2 weeks using a soft cloth dampened in water. Do not use sprays, alcohol or other aggressive or abrasive substances. Only clean the air outlet grille with a soft brush to lift any dust. Do not insert any objects into the openings of the product.

Always remember to disconnect the power cable plug from the mains socket before carrying out any cleaning operations.

Will I need to replace the filter in my air purifier?

Yes. The filter cannot be washed and its life depends on the time of use and the quality of air in the environment. (It is recommended to replace the filter at least every 2000 hours of use). If the environment is particularly dusty, the filter should be replaced more frequently. Replacement filters can be purchased from the spares section of our website.

How do I replace the filter in my air purifier?

  • Switch off the equipment and disconnect the power cable plug from the mains socket
  • Raise the filter release catch located at the rear of the product and remove the air inlet grille
  • Remove the old filter and replace it with a new filter
  • Reassemble the equipment carrying out the above operations in the reverse order

What products can I use in my Aroma Diffuser?

To add scent to your room, use 2-5 drops of 100% essential oils to the water in the reservoir. Use filtered water where possible, do not use de-ionised water in the Dimplex Aroma Diffuser.

How often should I clean my Aroma Diffuser?

Your Aroma Diffuser should be emptied and cleaned every third day. Ensure that the product is turned off and unplugged and then empty the tank and clean it with fresh tap water. Be sure to remove any scale, deposits, or film that has formed on the sides of the tank or on interior surfaces, and wipe all surfaces dry.

Where can I place my Aroma Diffuser?

Place the Aroma Diffuser on a flat surface, about 60cm away above the floor and 10cm away from walls. We recommend not placing the Aroma Diffuser on wooden furniture which can be damaged should there be an accidental spill of water.

What dehumidifier size do I need?

If the room(s) you are looking to use the dehumidifier range from 10m² to 15m², then we would recommend either the Forté DXDH10N, FTE10 or Compact DXDHC10 dehumidifier.        

If the room is up to 24m², then we would recommend the stronger extraction capability of the Forté DXDH16N or FTE16 dehumidifier. 

For rooms up to 30m³, then we would recommend the Forté DXDH20N or FTE20 dehumidifier. These are ideal for living rooms and conservatories.

Where can I place my dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers should be kept on a level surface, and at a minimum distance of 50cm away from walls or overhanging objects like curtains.

How does a humidistat work on a dehumidifier?

A humidistat works similarly to a thermostat, but for humidity. It measures the amount of moisture in the air, and if it is higher than the setting then it will turn on and reduce the humidity to the level required. If the humidity is lower than the humidistat setting, it will remain off.

How do I drain my dehumidifier?

Emptying your dehumidifier is simple. Ensure that the appliance is turned off and unplugged before removing the water tank and emptying it. Gently refit the water tank and wait three minutes before turning back on. There is also a continuous drainage option with most Dimplex dehumidifiers, to find out more about this, please see the instructions on the relevant product page.