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Aroma diffuser

The Dimplex aroma diffuser can add both fragrance and moisture to the air that may have been dried out by our heating systems. Simple to both use and clean, the Dimplex Electronic Aroma Diffuser also features an LED light that is designed to create a calm and relaxing ambiance. With whisper-quiet operation and slim line, modern design, this aroma diffuser will fit effortlessly into wherever needed, bringing you fresh scents where you need them most.


Easy to refill, clean and maintain

There is also a built in auto shut-off for when the water tank empties, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Ultrasonic mist technology

Gently humidifying the air around you – making the air you breathe more comfortable. You can also add a couple of drops of essential oils to the water reservoir to fill your home with aromatic fragrance. 

Easy to use operation

Along with alarm clock features that allow you to wake up to your favourite scent each morning. It also incorporates an LED light system, designed to create a calm and relaxing ambiance in your home.

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