National Bed Month

Helping you relax for a better night’s sleep


Ever wonder why you never seem to get enough sleep? You may not be alone. Our increasing stress and worry means more and more of us are turning to medication and technology to help us get to sleep. In a world that seems to be always on, what can we do to help ourselves nod off?

Surprisingly, the first step to better sleep happens before you even get into your bed. Take a look at our recommended products for March to see how Dimplex can help you relax for a better night’s sleep.

Keeping your room cosy

Opti-myst fires

Ask anyone to describe their ideal cosy living room and they are likely to suggest a comfy sofa and a warm glowing fireplace. People have a natural relaxation response to watching a fire and it can be effective to help you create a relaxing environment before bedtime. Our range of Opti-myst fires are ideal for creating all the ambiance of a real fire, with the convenience and safety of electric. 

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Soothing scents

Aroma Diffuser

Scents can be a valuable contributor to helping you unwind and prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep. Just think how great it feels to get into a bed with clean, fresh smelling sheets. Our Aroma Diffuser gently humidifies the room, ensuring the air you breathe is comfortable, and by simply adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils can provide gentle fragrance to your space as well.

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