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The benefits of multi-purpose heaters in winter


Multi-purpose heaters are an often overlooked product, but their benefits simply cannot be denied. The Dimplex Coldwatcher is perfect for the areas inside your home that require frost protection - be it your loft, greenhouse or shed, and due to their thermostatic controls and low heat output, are incredibly economical to run. Now it is winter, it’s time to invest a little to protect your spaces and belongings from a lot of damage.

The thermostatic controls employed in the Coldwatcher mean that it will not begin to produce heat until the temperature drops to 7°C, ensuring you are only using the energy that you actually need (you also have the option to adjust this so it comes on at a higher temperature if necessary). It will heat the space to that level and maintain it until the temperature is reached before turning back off again. This way you are not paying for heat that isn’t required, whilst ensuring protection for your home.

Use in sheds and greenhouses

Using a Dimplex multi-purpose heater in sheds and greenhouses can protect your garden equipment from damage, and even prevent plants getting frost damage. The Coldwatcher has been professionally tested against the British Standard for frost protection and offers unrivalled peace of mind to protect your plants and belongings from the freezing temperatures.

Use in loft spaces

The Coldwatcher can be freestanding or wall mounted within your loft to prevent pipes freezing, but will also protect your belongings from any damage due to damp and condensation that build up over the colder months. The worry of pipes bursting if you are away during the winter months is a concern we should all recognise, but it is also useful for student accommodation or shared housing, where, as a landlord, you may not always have full control over the heating within the home and want protection over your property from the effects of the cold.

Multi-purpose heaters are true heroes for our homes, offering us peace of mind within the winter months.