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Beware rogue traders

Quantum Controls Left Angle

It is encouraging to see the BBC’s consumer show ‘Rip Off Britain’ highlighting the spurious claims being made by certain heating installers promising ‘cutting-edge’ technology that would ‘slash’ the running costs of electric heating products.

Quoting Professor Stephen Beck of Sheffield University, the BBC show raised a key point in the recent episode of the programme that we are always trying to educate the market on – ‘their electric heating couldn’t be any more efficient than the next as they all take in 1kW hour and release it as energy’.

For a direct acting heater, 100% efficiency is as good as it gets, and these huge percentage claims being made by rogue traders cannot be achieved, no matter how much the product costs or which magical material it uses to ‘store and release’ the heat.

If you want lower bills there are two ways to achieve it – use less energy or pay less for that energy.

Within the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) that compares the energy performance of dwellings, Dimplex’s Quantum is recognised as the cheapest way to heat a room electrically for a day. This is because Quantum uses off-peak energy, which is cheaper per kWh than standard tariffs, meaning the heat that you need to warm your room costs you less.

For more information on a recognised, established product manufactured by the world’s largest electric heating manufacturer visit the Dimplex website to learn more about Quantum. We can also provide free advice and, if you wish, a no obligation heating survey from an accredited installer so you have all the information you need to decide if you want to change your current heating system.