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ignite xl74
ignite xl74



Copy text section.

You can use this pod to put media such as video and images next to text with automatic spacing.
This is what the pod looks like without any code.
I have selected 50/50 for equal space given to text and media.

dark radiator
dark radiator
dark radiator

Here is another one

The other way round

This time with the image given a 40/60 spacing (so the image is larger with 60%)



Here's one with a video

The text is bigger

Because I have given the text the larger weighting of 60 this time

The 60/40 40/60

Doens't work intuitively.

If I select 60/40, I expect the left side with 60 to be bigger but it's actually smaller. If I select the 40/60, I expect the right side to be bigger, but it's the smaller one.