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Viking Radiators

Viking Man

Bluetooth technology is starting to pop-up in all walks of life, wirelessly linking several devices, whether fixed or mobile, that can then exchange data over short distances. The technology’s rather baffling name was suggested in 1997 by Jim Kardach. Upon reading about tenth-century Danish king Harald Bluetooth - who united that country’s warring tribes into a single kingdom and introduced Christianity – Kardach saw a neat parallel with Ericsson’s wireless communication system which was bringing together devices and communications protocols into a single unified standard.

So the mystery of the name is at least solved, but what do you do with it? Most of us will have experienced using Bluetooth with our smartphones, pairing devices, perhaps to listen to music wirelessly or to play against a friend in a mobile game. But Bluetooth can do so much more than simply enhance our entertainment. It can be used as an effective control medium to begin ‘smartening up’ household appliances. That is the approach we have started at Dimplex, bringing Bluetooth control to our heating products such as the Bluetooth Smart Convector Heater (403BTB).

Of course we have an app as well!

Dimplex’s Remo is a free to download smartphone app for compatible Android devices and iPhones. It allows you to perform all of the functions that are available on the physical heater, only using your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Current functionality that can now be controlled from your phone includes changing the heater mode between manual to timer, boost or off. With a simple gesture you can adjust the heater’s temperature, or create and edit heating schedules. You can also quickly check the current mode and temperature of the heater on your phone from the comfort of your sofa.

While Bluetooth is limited by range, this actually makes it a better and safer connectivity tool for portable heaters, as you will need to be in relatively close proximity (metres rather than miles) to operate the appliance. We think that is a good choice when it comes to balancing home safety without losing the advantages of modern connectivity.

We are really excited about the possibilities connected technology brings to the home and the way heating and cooling can be managed to be more in-tune with your lifestyle as well as being more cost-effective to run. There will be more Bluetooth connected heating devices coming from Dimplex in the near future and other smart products that will reimagine how we look at that dumb old radiator. The Vikings have landed and that’s a good thing for all of us…

By Nick Paul, Retail Marketing Manager, Dimplex