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Cosy Christmas activities to enjoy in front of the fire

22nd Dec 2017

If your children love to wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, brimming with excitement at the thought of presents, you are not alone. Although seeing children’s faces light up with Read more


A simple approach for Improving EPC ratings on rented properties

19th Dec 2017

There will shortly be a new requirement for privately rented properties to have a minimum energy performance rating of an E on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). These regulations come Read more

Preventing hypothermia

Helping to prevent Hypothermia

18th Dec 2017

Hypothermia is clinically defined as a core body temperature of 35°C and mild forms can be incredibly difficult to detect. The fact is that just a one-degree decline in core body temperature slows Read more

Dimplex quantum

Part four: Real life solution

13th Dec 2017

Concluding our current series on fuel poverty, we explore how Dimplex Quantum and Q-Rad heaters were implemented to bring a vast saving to a young couple in their 1960s property, and acts as an Read more


The benefits of multi-purpose heaters in winter

11th Dec 2017

Multi-purpose heaters are an often overlooked product, but their benefits simply cannot be denied. The Dimplex Coldwatcher is perfect for the areas inside your home that require frost protection Read more


Part three: How does it happen?

6th Dec 2017

There are two main reasons why people are left paying over the odds for their electric heating system. These issues need to be examined and be explored as to how they could be resolved using Read more