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Alternative uses for portable heating

14th May 2018

When you think about portable heating, do you only think of it as something to keep you warm when your main heating system fails, invariably in the depths of winter?

Think again - portable Read more

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The ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep

19th Mar 2018

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, struggling to get to sleep because you’re too hot or cold? The reality is that many of us either spend our winters living in a home that is as Read more


Using portable heating in a pinch

29th Jan 2018

The temperatures are hitting all-time lows this winter, and if your property uses gas central heating then your boiler will have been working overtime to ensure your home stays warm this season. Read more

Eco Chico heater

Lose the oil for a friendlier way to heat a room

22nd Jan 2018

As the winter closes in, there will be times when we just want to hunker down in a single room and stay warm.

At this point, turning up the central heating for the whole house becomes non- Read more


Mythbusters: Oil-filled vs. Oil-free radiators

10th Jan 2018

Dimplex portable radiators are available in two types of technology, either traditional Oil-filled variants or patented Oil-free versions. They are both incredibly durable and, unlike fan heaters Read more

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EcoDesign: What’s new?

8th Jan 2018

You may have started to see the EcoDesign logo crop up on some Dimplex products and packaging, but what does it mean? Does it actually make a difference to the products you’re buying? We recently Read more