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Opti-myst fires

Fanning the flames of great design

4th Sep 2018

Think of a fireplace. Picture its setting, the colour of the flames. Now, consider the feelings it inspires. The odds are that you pictured the fireplace at the centre of room, perhaps faced by a Read more

home improvements

Small home improvements that make a big difference

9th Apr 2018

If you’re in the midst of your spring cleaning and feel like your home could use a little makeover, take a look at our guide to easy home improvements that will make a big difference to your home Read more

auberry opti-myst stove

Mythbusters: Electric Fires

26th Feb 2018

For most of us, we associate a warm, cosy home with a glowing fireplace, gently crackling in the background as we spend quality time with our families, but many people are put off investing in a Read more

Electric fires

Mythbusters: Electric fires

8th Nov 2017

Today we are looking at some of the common misconceptions associated with heating and air treatment technology, and how modern appliances are helping to dispel the myths.

Myth #1: There is no Read more

Get a happier, healthier lifestyle by embracing Hygga

29th Aug 2017

Danes are some of the happiest people on earth, and one of the reasons for that is the way they embrace Hygga (pronounced hooga). Hygga is all things cosy: candle light, fur throws and fires for Read more

Oakhurst Room Shot

Fires = Higher house values

26th Apr 2016

It’s official! According to research by a leading property website, a fireplace is the most desirable feature when looking for a new home*.

In fact, 22% of people asked said that they would Read more