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Bring Homely Comforts into Student Spaces

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Autumn is fast approaching, bringing with it familiar sights; it’s getting darker earlier, the weather’s growing colder (sort of), and across the UK students are preparing to return to university. For many people, their time at university is their first experience of living away from home, which can often be a huge emotional step, as well as a geographical one. The transition is perhaps easier for those who spend the initial year in student halls, but for those students moving into private rented accommodation this autumn may bring their first experience of the trials and tribulations of adulthood, such as food shops, household chores, and paying the bills.

These things, added on top of the demands of studying at degree level, make it all the more important to ensure you have a comfortable space to sleep, study, relax or socialise in. Whether it’s a shared house or a single bed flat, making your living space feel like a home is extremely important. Home means comfort, but it can be easy to assume that comfort costs; this doesn’t always have to be the case.



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Hand in hand with comfort goes the idea of warmth, and so as Autumn draws closer with Winter to follow after, considering cost effective heating options is a sensible move. There is a prevailing idea of student accommodation being cold and sparse, with keeping the heating off and layering up clothes an easy way to save money. Affordable, efficient portable heating which is cost-effective to run is available, however, and allows you to heat the space you’re using quickly without wasting energy.

Moveable Warmth

Whilst your chosen accommodation might feature central heating, investing in a portable heating option offers immediate savings. Efficient, easy to use and extremely mobile, they allow you to heat only the space you’re using, rather than spending excess energy to warm an empty room.



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Dimplex oil-filled and oil-free radiators offer an excellent solution for cost effective heating. Both products use a combination of heat convection and radiation, which makes them suitable for heating an entire room, or providing a more personal level of warmth. Our patented oil-free models are lighter and quicker to heat up, as well as offering a more eco-friendly option, but you can find a more detailed comparison of oil-filled and oil-free radiators in our comparison blog Mythbusters – Oil-filled vs Oil-free radiators.

The 40 Series 3kW Turbo convector heater includes a fan boost setting to speed heating, as well as an adaptive, programmable timer which grants high levels of control heating any space at any time. Built in handles mean it is easy to move from room to room, and it can also be wall mounted for more permanent heating requirements.

For a truly compact option, the Dimplex Desk Friend personal space heater provides warmth and comfort to your immediate workspace, as well as allowing you to charge your mobile device. The Desk Friend will keep you warm whilst you slog away at your latest essay, without having to waste energy heating the whole room. It is also small enough to fit into a rucksack, making it truly portable, and as its is only 250w, it may also be suitable for use in student halls.



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Practical Comforts

But efficient heating isn’t the only ways to ensure comfort and cost savings. An EverDri dehumidifier can not only combat mould and damp which may be present in older houses and flats, but can be a boon on laundry day as well. Trips to the launderette can be time consuming and expensive, doubly so if you have to wash and then dry your clothes. A dehumidifier makes it easier to dry your washing at home, saving you time and money, and speeding up the drying process.

Many Dimplex products also come with an extended guarantee following online registration, so that your product may be protected throughout your period of study, giving that extra level of secure comfort.

Affordable options like those available from Dimplex mean that your student living space can be comfortable without being costly, and help you turn a house into a home.