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Comfort for young families

Evorad for young families

If you are a new parent, the sheer amount of information you need to take in regarding your baby’s health can be overwhelming. When it comes to baby care, there is no doubt that maintaining a constant room temperature of 16-20°C has a positive impact on the health of your child, and therefore the rest of your family - as we all know, a baby’s sleep quality can affect everyone around them. Keeping a single room at an accurate temperature is always going to be a challenge for most whole home systems, so being able to use supplementary heating in the nursery is a real advantage. The Dimplex Evorad range is perfect for ensuring not only your baby’s comfort, but also their wellbeing.

Available in three models, two with Bluetooth controls and one with simple electronic controls, the products in the EvoRad range are adjustable to within 1°C increments and come with colour changing screens to help guide you on the most suitable temperature setting for your room. They then work on maintaining the set temperature, using an electronic thermostat to examine the room and adjust accordingly. Features for all three models include an intelligent operating system which optimises energy use and easy to use controls. On the Bluetooth model, you can set four different times and temperatures within a 24-hour period, which then repeat – meaning once you have your baby in a regular sleeping pattern, the room will be at the perfect temperature every time.  

If you’re also seeking a way to support your child’s sleep, consider a Dimplex Air Purifier. These work at reducing allergens, odours and neutralising any harmful impurities in the air through a combined carbon and HEPA filtration system with 99.97% efficiency. Whilst your baby’s lungs are still developing, if your child has a picked up a cold or is especially sensitive or suffers with asthma, the Dimplex Air purifier range will help your baby sleep and breathe easily, whilst operating almost silently so as to not disturb them.

Your baby’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance, and Dimplex is here to provide technology that helps and supports the health and happiness of your whole family.