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As an installer, the ConfigR app will allow you to seamlessly install, commission and maintain heating systems.

Often with other devices, an installer must take uncomfortable positions on the floor in order to set up all the functions directly on the device. However, with the Quantum VFE all the settings required for installation and later during operation can be made easily on both the innovative, and easily accessible display and our installation app ConfigR by Dimplex.

ConfigR not only assists you with installation, set-up, maintenance, and updates. It can do so much more:


• Set configuration settings

• View error codes and diagnostic reports

• Download and apply software updates


ConfigR is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, with end-to-end encryption between the cloud and your device, ensuring your privacy and security are paramount. You can download the app today on Google Play or in the App Store.

Product Information

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VFE20 - 70

Image Material Material Description
white and grey silver radiator
377900 VFE20
377910 VFE30
377920 VFE40
377930 VFE50
377940 VFE60
377950 VFE70



VFE20 - 70 G

Image Material Material Description
white and grey silver radiator
377960 VFE20 G
377970 VFE30 G
377980 VFE40 G
377990 VFE50 G
378000 VFE60 G
378010 VFE70 G



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What platform is ConfigR available on?

ConfigR can be downloaded on iOS via the AppStore or on Android via Google Play. Search for ‘ConfigR’.
Do not download ConfigR from any other locations/stores. If you see ConfigR available from other locations, please contact customer support.

What are the minimum requirements to run the ConfigR app?

Minimum: An Android (marshmallow) or iOS 10 capable device with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) support.

Recommended: Rear-facing camera to assist in setup (QR code scanning).

Is the ConfigR App secure?

Yes, ConfigR is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This provides a highly secure, scalable and intelligent platform for our connected solutions.

How do I connect my product to the ConfigR app?

First you'll need to set up an account on the app, and add the product using the GDID code. This can be done by scanning the QR code or manually, by entering the code into App using the code on the product.

You must check first the compatibility list to ensure your product is able to connect to the ConfigR app.

How do I access diagnostic report screen?

You can easily access this from the menu item Tips and Support.

Can I copy a current profile?

Yes,  in fact all modes, temperature values and settings that are possible to read or write over Bluetooth are saved together as one configuration.
A user can connect to their product, configure it and then save all the settings as a profile.  This profile will then appear in the “Profiles” list – and that can be applied to other compatible products. 
You can then choose to copy over all the settings or just copy the schedule information.

How do I know when a firmware update is available?

Once the product is paired with the mobile device over BLE, the App will prompt the user on the 'Support' screen that a firmware update is available.
Pressing update now on this screen will initiate OTA update over BLE.