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Portable heating

Versatile, reliable, cost effective and safe supplementary electric heating for your home.  Dimplex portable heaters are available in a wide variety of different product types designed for a variety of different applications.

If you are after heating a large room then a convector heater offers rapid warm up with near silent operation, or alternatively our class leading oil-free radiator range.  However, if you wish for a more personal form of heating then a radiator is more suitable. Perhaps if you work from home then a fan heater is ideal for that quick burst of heat.  If you are after a small amount of background heat then our slimline heaters are ideally suited to meet this requirement or for frost protection in isolated spaces our multi-purpose heaters meet the need.

All our heaters come in a wide choice of control options from simple thermostatically controlled models to more advanced Bluetooth controlled appliances.

Our heaters all come with overheat protection and many are guaranteed for 3 years (some 5 years) for that reassurance and peace of mind.

Understanding direct-acting heating

Benefits of portable heating

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Safety of portable heating

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