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The climate in the UK is highly variable with wet weather and temperature extremes causing many homes to experience high condensation levels, particularly during Autumn and Winter. In addition moisture levels increase in the home when we shower or dry washing indoors. As a result damp, mould and mildew build up to worrying levels. In order to combat these issues a dehumidifier is an ideal solution.

Excessive moisture in the air can be uncomfortable, and create an unhealthy environment at home. This is why a dehumidifier can be your best ally to keep a healthy balance indoors - it will help improve the air you breathe by regulating moisture levels, so you can enjoy cleaner air at home.

Our range of dehumidifiers is engineered to deliver optimum efficiency in the home.

Most of our dehumidifiers feature a humidistat as standard to give you control over moisture extraction according to the humidity of your room, meaning the unit will cycle on and off to maintain comfortable levels of humidity.

Our dehumidifiers are also highly portable so you can easily use them around the house, and they have all been safety tested for added peace of mind.

Which dehumidifier is right for you?

An essential factor in choosing a dehumidifier is room size. In order to avoid paying too much for a product that is over performing for its purpose and could potentially be more expensive to run, we recommend choosing a dehumidifier based on where you will use it for:

If the room(s) you are looking to use the dehumidifier is ranging from 10m² to 15m², then we would recommend either the Forté DXDH10N, FTE10 or Compact DXDHC10 dehumidifier.        

If the room is up to 24m², then we would recommend the stronger extraction capability of the Forté DXDH16N or FTE16 dehumidifier. 

For rooms up to 30m³, then we would recommend the Forté DXDH20N or FTE20 dehumidifier. These are ideal for living rooms and conservatories.

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