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Dimplex Optimyst completes conservatory renovation

MyNorfolkHome Dimplex Grand Noir

Kelly is a lifestyle writer whose popular blog, My Norfolk Home, covers home decor ideas & renovation inspiration. Early in 2017, Kelly made a big decision to have the glass roof replaced on her conservatory - a room she had added to her home 10 years earlier. “When we built the Conservatory, we knew we wanted a large additional reception room,” she explains, “However, over the years, we endured unbearably hot temperatures in the summer, and temperatures so cold in the winter, that we physically couldn’t use the Conservatory. “


In May 2017, the old glass roof was removed, and the new roof with boarded and plastered ceiling was fitted. “The roof immediately made a difference to the summer temperature! For the first time since 2008, we were able to use the room daily,” says Kelly. But, as the weather started to close in later in the year Kelly and her family began to notice a difference in temperatures. “Our Conservatory reception room is a very adaptable space, featuring a four-seater sofa, sideboard dresser unit and an eight-seater dining table, but none of which were really able to be used when it was cold…”

This is a common issue with both conservatories and increasingly popular orangeries. They are a cost-effective way of expanding the living space, but with the large proportion of glass can quickly become cold in the winter months and first thing in the morning. These structures can also be restricted by local authorities in terms of the types of heating allowable. For instance, small to medium-sized structures built without the need for planning permission should not be plumbed into the home’s central heating system, but rely on an independent heating source. Fitted underfloor heating is one option if budget allows. But for many projects, the simple addition of an electric heater is sufficient to quickly and efficiently warm the space. Having done her research, Kelly opted for the latter, “This gave me an idea… not only to help heat the room on the coldest of days but for a focal point in the conservatory.”

Kelly selected a Dimplex Grand Noir Optimyst fire. The Grand Noir, is a beautiful electric stove, combining the classic feeling of a wood burning stove with modern electric functionality. With real doors and incredibly realistic visuals, it’s a brilliant blend of statement piece and classic cool, in a gloss black finish. Alternatively, this model is also available in cream and red, so sits comfortably alongside a range of home décor choices.

Unlike installing a gas fire, where you need to consider flue and gas connection constraints, the cost of specialist installation and the need for annual servicing, an Optimyst electric stove from Dimplex is easy to install - not even requiring a fireplace.  This medium-sized stove is a good fit in terms of size for most conservatories and is extremely easy to install, simply plug in and switch on. The perfect alternative to conventional open fires, requiring little maintenance or cleaning. You just need to make sure the Optimyst fire is regularly topped up with water for its stunning 3D flame effect. “Truly believable,” says Kelly “Finished with a classic Limestone slab tile hearth, a beautiful, warm focal point has been created.” 

Perfect for warming up a conservatory, all Dimplex Optimyst fires are 100% efficient at point of use, which means no heat is wasted. The Grand Noir also features a room-sensing thermostat to measure and maintain a selected comfortable room temperature. “With 2kw of heat, simply and easily controlled by remote, it has really begun to make a difference to the winter evenings in the conservatory,” says Kelly.

MyNorfolkHome Dimplex Grand Noir in situ

With the unique, patented Optimyst technology, the Grand Noir brings to the conservatory the world’s most realistic electric flame and smoke effect. It is a truly astonishing illusion, ingeniously using light reflected from an ultra-fine water mist to create the convincing flames and smoke. “Not only providing the most realistic flame and log burner effect, this ‘fire’ is also cool to touch; perfect in a home with a five-year-old daughter,” says Kelly.

You can also turn off the heat and use just the flame effect independently throughout the year to provide a fantastic evening ambience, all for the running cost of a small light or two.

“I think it’s fair to say, I am completely in love with the Optimyst technology,” admits Kelly.

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