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Dimplex Quantum Slim Cylinder range increases potential for smart, cost-effective hot water in electrically heated homes

Dimplex Quantum slim water cylinder

Dimplex has launched two slim models in its Quantum range of intelligent electric hot water cylinders.

Combining innovative controls for unprecedented management of electrically heated homes with a slimmer design, the new QWCd135-480 (135L) and QWCd180-480 (180L) models are ideally suited for social housing properties and those where space is limited.

Dimplex’s Quantum electric cylinders use off-peak electricity to deliver reliable, cost-effective hot water, working directly from the mains supply of water to ensure mains pressure from all outlets in the home. They enable better planning of water usage thanks to the market leading controls, which tell users at a glance how much hot water is available to use.

With the latest in electric heating technology and heat retention capability, they also ensure that the correct amount of water is stored to accommodate the needs of the household, whilst using the minimum amount of energy.

All models are available as part of the Dimplex Quantum heating system together with Dimplex’s Quantum off-peak heaters, or operated as a standalone hot water system for electrically heated homes.

Christian Hadley, installed product marketing manager for Dimplex, said: “Better insulation of new and existing properties is raising the value of hot water heating versus space heating. It is no surprise therefore that innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and controllability of hot water in electrically heated homes are proving popular.

 “This range extension will give specifiers and installers the chance to revisit old contracts with new variants, ensuring consistency with a range of Dimplex solutions for cost-effective heating and hot water – even where space limitations previously meant the Dimplex Quantum cylinder was not viable.

“Replacing outdated electric storage heaters and water heaters with a complete Dimplex Quantum off-peak solution for hot water and space heating will raise the EPC rating of a property by one whole band – not to mention deliver lower running costs for users.”

Dimplex Quantum cylinders are now available in seven capacities from 125L to 300L including two slim models, to ensure a solution for all properties