Electric Fires FAQs
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Electric Fires Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers concerning Dimplex electric fires.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or are looking for product specific details such as dimensions, please go to the product page which can be found by using the search function at the top right hand of the screen. There you will find the relevant manuals and guides and technical specifications. 


How do I clean my Opti-V fire?

For general cleaning, use a soft clean duster – never use abrasive cleaners. The glass screen should be cleaned carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth.

How high can I install my Opti-V fire?

There is a choice of height when fitting Opti-V wall mounted fires. Recommended heights depend on the location of viewing.

If viewed from sitting, we recommend a minimum of 65cm from the floor to the bottom opening of the fire, and from standing, a minimum of 110cm is recommended from the floor to the bottom of the opening of the fire.

Where should I position my Opti-V fire?

Due to the illusory reflection technique of the Opti-V, it works best when ambient light levels are low. For the best flame effect, place the fire in dimly lit areas.

How can I change the bulb in my Dimplex electric fire?

Please see the product instructions (which can be found on the manuals and guides tab of the relevant product page) or alternatively you can view our ‘How to change a lightbulb in your fire’ document.


Which electric fires have a crackling fire sound as an optional setting?

All Opti-V electric fires and stoves and selected Optimyst cassettes have an optional crackling fire audio effect.

Which electric fires have an optional heat setting?

All Optiflame and Optimyst fires come with the heat setting as optional, to allow you to enjoy the ambiance of your electric fire all year round.

The Opti-V and Optimyst bespoke cassette ranges are designed for effect only and do not to produce heat.  The exception is the Sunningdale Stove with Opti-V effect which come with heat and the option to adjust the heat settings.

Can I use an extension lead with my fire?

No. We do not recommend the use of an extension lead with any of our fires.

Where can I buy replacement lamps for my Optiflame fire?

To identify which lamps your Optiflame fire uses, you will need to look at the product instructions (which can be found under the manuals and guides tab on the product page). Replacement lamps can be purchased via the spares section of our website.

How should I clean my Optiflame fire?

Before commencing cleaning, unplug the heater and allow it to cool.

The surfaces of the heater should be given an occasional wipe over with a dry soft cloth. Do not use detergents, abrasive cleaning powder or polish on the metal body of the heater.

The glass screen should be cleaned carefully with a chamois leather. DO NOT use proprietary cleaners.

To remove any accumulation of dust or fluff, the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner should occasionally be used to clean the outlet grille of the fan heater located under the canopy.

To clean the fuel effect, remove the coal/pebbles and wash in warm water. The plastic tray should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. When dry, replace the coal/pebbles and arrange for best effect.