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Energising the Private Rental Sector

New legislation is placing fresh demands on those renting privately owned properties to ensure the quality of heating is up to standard.

Since April 2016, landlords must consider any request from tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their property as part of measures to improve efficiency standards in the private rental sector.

This legislation relied on finance from the Green Deal, which is no longer in existence, and so it could prove difficult to enforce. However, it is starting to have an effect irrespective of Green Deal finding, and there are opportunities for electrical contractors to drive business from private landlords.

In addition to this, from January 2018 all privately owned properties must have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of ‘E’ or above if they are to be rented out.

In electrically heated homes, replacing an outdated storage heating system or incorrectly specified electric radiators with an energy-efficient solution like the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater can significantly reduce energy bills and help to meet the standards which are soon to be required from rental properties. In fact DCLG estimates that 69% of all storage heated properties would see an EPC benefit from an upgrade to the latest specification storage heaters And with 4.1million private landlords in the UK, it is a huge market to target.

By Chris Stammers, product marketing director, Dimplex