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FAQs | Optimyst Transducer

glass disk tranducer image

What is it for?

The glass disk transducer is the visual heart of our Optimyst range, sitting inside our products and creating the ultra-fine mist that forms a key part of the world’s most realistic flame effect.

How does it work?

The transducer uses ultrasonic technology to create an ultra-fine water mist via a glass/ceramic disc within the transducer which vibrates at high speed. The resultant mist then rises up through the log bed with the aid of a fan in the lower sump and reflects the light from the lamps within the unit, creating an incredibly realistic, three-dimensional illusion of flame and smoke.

How do I care for it?

As advised in the instructions for your Optimyst product, the transducer should be cleaned every two weeks and only filtered water should be used to fill the water tank/sump. If tap water is used, a build-up of limescale can impact the operation of the transducer and seriously hinder the smoke and flame effect. Ionised and distilled water should also not be used.

To clean the transducer, remove it from the fire and dry carefully. Once dry, clean with the brush provided with your fire.

Water should not be allowed to stand in the tank or sump for more than two weeks. If you will not be using the fire for an extended period, it is recommended to remove the water and dry the sump and water tank.

Where can I get a replacement if needed?

Spare transducers can be ordered through the Dimplex website. We recommend that you buy only genuine parts for optimum performance. Genuine parts ensure quality and will therefore reduce the risk and cost of unnecessary repairs.

The type of transducer required is dependent on which Optimyst fire you have. Visit our spares page to find out more.

How do I fit a replacement?

The steps for replacement of the transducer are detailed below:


1. Switch the fire off on the unit and at the mains.

2. Remove the fuel bed, water bottle and the nozzle assembly by twisting the red twist clips either side (left hand clockwise & right hand anticlockwise) or push release clips on the front of the nozzle assembly.

3. Unplug the old transducer.

4. Place the new transducer into the sump, ensuring that the transducer is correctly placed – the tab on the transducer should be lined up with the moulded recess in the sump and the unit should be sitting flat.

5. Join the cable to the connector on the sump on the right hand side.

6. Ensure that the cable is not placed above the disc on the transducer unit.

7. To prevent the cable becoming pinched between the nozzle and the sump, and to prevent water traveling down the wire and causing water to escape from the sump tank, place the cable in the provided slot in the right hand side wall of the sump.

8. Replace the sump nozzle and secure it by turning the two red/black tabs by 90 degrees (left hand anti clockwise and right hand clockwise, or clicked back into place if your fire has the push fit clips.

9. Once everything has been put back together, please wait for 15 minutes before turning the fire back on at the mains and at the fire. This will allow the fire to reset and allow the fire to function correctly.


There are some slight variations in the layout of the Optimyst engine in different fires, and instructions specific to your fire can be found in the instruction manual enclosed with your product. A digital version of the manual can also be downloaded from the relevant product page.