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Fire & Ice

Opti-Myst Ice Kindgom Shot

This festive season, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has created a unique challenge for Dimplex. Partnering with PWR Events which is presenting An Arctic Adventure within The Magical Ice Kingdom – the biggest ice and snow sculpture experience of its kind in the UK – Dimplex has added its own extra twist of magic with the inclusion of our Optimyst fires.

Amongst the icebergs, a shipwreck and a lost island is a chance for visitors to go fishing with the Inuit, take refuge in an igloo and face off with a giant polar bear.

As you plunge into arctic conditions on a journey of discovery, there is a flickering promise of warmth. But your eyes will deceive you. Embedded in the snow and Inuit igloo are Optimyst electric fires, but their flames and smoke ‘burn’ ice cold!

The Optimyst cassettes provide stunningly realistic focal points in the icy experience, offering a unique and eye-catching illusion. From homes to castles, hotels to clubs, the Dimplex Optimyst effect always amazes. But equipping the Magical Ice Kingdom has been a singular challenge as we use water vapour to create our flame effect. Successfully operating all day at -10° is a real technical achievement for our fires. As they give off very little heat, just enough to stop the appliance itself freezing, they are not only a safe and effective addition to the festive attraction, there is no need to worry about the spectacular ice sculptures melting.

Optimyst technology is also available in Dimplex’s range of fires and stoves for the home. These combine the flame and smoke effect with a heater element to give homeowners the ambience of a real fire but with the choice of having heat at the flick of a switch.

Specially developed for professional and design installations, the Optimyst cassettes used in the Magical Ice Kingdom combine the unique flame effect with installation flexibility to offer all the ambience of a real fire in a commercial project.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland will run from 18th November 2016 – 2nd January 2017. Tickets are available now to experience The Magical Ice Kingdom featuring the illusion of Optimyst in arctic conditions for yourself.

By Jonathan Smith, product marketing manager at Dimplex