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Why choose an electric fire?

There is nothing quite like the sense of warmth and comfort created by a flickering fire, but open flame can bring with it concerns about safety, maintenance and cost. The comfort of flame isn’t entirely out of reach, however; electric flame can provide the same warmth and comfort as the real thing, but without the worries. That’s where we can help.

Help me choose

If you’re new to electric flame, or simply haven’t decided what you’re looking for, we suggest there are two places to start when it comes to reigniting the ambience of your home; flame effect technology or overall fire style. The sections below will help you start looking, and you can follow them to find out more about each option.


Our Flame Technologies

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-realistic flame effect that looks and even sounds like the real thing, or a convincing illusion that will enhance the atmosphere, we have a flame technology that will work for you.



Incredibly realistic, three-dimensional flames and smoke that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Ultra-fine water mist combined with light and even sound (on some models) to stunning effect.



Our original and the world’s most popular flame effect, refined for the modern home. A convincing illusion of dancing flame that will enhance your home throughout the year.


Optiflame 3D

Our latest, highly customisable and convincing flame illusion, set over a choice of logs, coals or pebbles. Optiflame 3D gives you the power to adjust the flame colour and intensity to suit your mood.



Flickering flames dance over a bed of glowing logs which crackle and spark without ever burning away. Opti-V uses HD TV technology, audio and light to create a flame effect like no other.


Instant heating set below a cosy fire effect illumination. Radiant fires offer a more traditional effect which can be used independently of heat.


Fire Styles

Whether you’re looking to refresh a room with a vintage-inspired, cast iron-effect stove or give a stylish, modern update to your existing inset fire, where it’s going to be installed can help you decide what style of fire you want.


Our inset electric fires can fit easily into most standard fireplace openings or surrounds, offering simple installation, a range of modern and traditional styles and no need for annual servicing.


Place a fire in any room without need for structural work with our freestanding fires, available in a range of modern or traditional designs.


Available in a variety of colours, finishes and designs, an electric stove can be installed virtually anywhere to create an iconic feature, whether you desire a modern or traditional design.


Suites offer the complete fire solution in a range of sizes and styles, incorporating a fire and surround in a single package.


Fully assembled, high quality surround, back panel and hearth, designed for use with Dimplex [inset/freestanding] fires. No need for structural alterations in the room, as all our surrounds are freestanding.

Wall mounted

Wall mounted fires are an ideal solution when floor space is limited, and a range of styles and finishes give you versatile options for an iconic feature.


The Bespoke range gives you flexibility that is limited only by your imagination. Featuring Optimyst fires in a chassis or cassette design, Bespoke fires are ideal for creating a unique and stunning focal point in any room.