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Fires to suit your interior: Victorian Gothic

Dimplex Evandale Opti-myst Electric stove

October means that the air is getting colder and the nights are drawing in, and Halloween is just a witch’s warty nose away.  Now is a time to spend your evenings snuggling up under blankets for some quality time by the fireplace. With all this in mind, the perfect interior style for this month is Victorian Gothic. Not only is it full of warmth and luxury, it also has a stylishly eerie edge, perfect for the month of Halloween.

Deep, bold colours are the go-to for this style - don’t shy away from the use of metallic damask wallpaper like our feature wallcovering from B&Q. If you aren’t prepared for the hassle or commitment of wallpaper, then paint your walls deep grey, blue or red for a truly gothic feel. Enhance this with ornamental dark wood furniture, or draw it into the twenty-first century by revamping gothic style furniture in bright white, introducing a modern twist on this Victorian theme.  

Fabrics should be elegant, bold and full of drama. Create a luxurious statement with silk or velvet textiles in bright colours with bold patterns, which add both grandeur and warmth to your room. Draperies and tapestries adorned living rooms in this era, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at different draping techniques to find something that suits your space.

A key feature of Victorian gothic architecture was the use of lancet windows. This can quickly and easily be incorporated into your interior by getting a lancet window style mirror like this one from Wayfair. This stylish piece will bring a feeling of light into the room, as well as enhancing the gothic look.

If you are looking for a way to add the all-important finishing touch to your Victorian gothic styled room, then look no further than Dimplex electric fires. The Argos exclusive Evandale stove features patented Optimyst technology for the world’s most realistic electric flame effect. The open window allows full viewing of the dancing ‘flames’, and adds an ambiance to the room that only a fire can achieve. If you have a Victorian fireplace surround, then this can slip right in, or looks just as good sat against a wall creating a feature in the room. The Evandale really does complete the Victorian gothic look, adding both grandeur and comfort to your space.