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Five affordable ways to transform your bathroom

Give your bathroom a new lease of life this summer with these five tips under £10 to transform your bathroom space.

1: Bring the Outside In

Plants literally bring life to your room, giving a natural, calming vibe to any space. Opt for artificial plants or succulents which are easy to maintain and can provide the green, natural feel all year round.  It’s also useful to choose a neutral pot to suit any future decoration.

This Small Decorative Cactus is available from B&Q for £8.

Small decorative cactus by B&Q

2: Up the Comfort

Another easy and affordable way to bring a new lease of life to your bathroom is getting new towels and bath mats. Consider bright colours or geometric patterns to stay on trend this season, or go for deep colours that will look newer for longer. Co-ordinating the colours and patterns will also give a seamless style to your bathroom.

The Scandinavian Range is available from Next from £8.

3: Accessorizing

Accessorizing your bathroom is now easier than ever, with high-street stores constantly bringing us attractive products for affordable prices. Consider matching accessories: soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and light pulls to bring your chosen theme together.

The Stone Effect Bathroom Range from Next (available from £10) gives the timeless, chic feel – without the luxury price tag.

4: Decorating

Instead of facing the mammoth task of re-tiling your entire bathroom, you can use stickers to revamp your original tiles. Available from select high street stores or online retailers, these can be easily applied and removed from your bathroom as your taste evolves – a simple and affordable solution to update your tiles.

These are available on Etsy from £6.29.

Decorative tiles

5: Storage

We could all use more storage space in our homes, and our bathrooms are no different. Consider installing an above door shelf to house spare toilet roll or towels, or an easy-to-assemble, wall mounted cabinet.

Keeping things off the floor will create the illusion of a bigger room, this mirror fronted cabinet from the Homebase Skydale range (RRP. £9.92) is perfect for reflecting light and saving space.

With our homes getting smaller, storage is a new priority for most of us, as is the reflection of light to create the feeling of space. Dimplex have created a 3-in-1 bathroom panel heater with this in mind. The Dimplex Bathroom Panel Heater not only has a mirrored front, instantly adding the modern feel, but will also heat your space and hold your towels. This is a simple solution to not only provide you comfort in your home, but also update your space and provide extra storage.