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What's it all about?

Flame Connect places full control of your electric fire into a beautiful, easy and convenient interface - all from the palm of your hand.

Enjoy the latest flame technology and ultra-realistic flame effects to create a unique and stunning focal point within any room.


Change settings and modes that your product supports, such as:

• Simply scan and connect to Bluetooth to communicate directly with your fire.

• Quickly change modes and settings on your fire to suit your mood.

• Set product schedules to automate your fire's on/off times.

• Change flame effect settings such as mist output intensity and LED colours on supported products.

• Prevent unauthorised product access by linking ownership of your fire with your account.

• Enable guest mode for temporary access to other Flame Connect trusted users.

• Support for multiple languages and a choice of Fahrenheit and Celsius readout.

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Product compatibility

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Image Name Brand Model # Item code Flame technology
Vivente 750 Dimplex VVT75-EU 211682 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1000 Dimplex VVT100-EU 211712 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1500 Dimplex VVT150-EU 211743 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 750 RealFlame VVT75-AU 211699 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1000 RealFlame VVT100-AU 211729 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1500 RealFlame VVT150-AU 211750 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 750 Dimplex VVT75-INT 211705 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1000 Dimplex VVT100-INT 211736 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1500 Dimplex VVT150-INT 211767 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 750 Dimplex VVT75-UK 103673 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1000 Dimplex VVT100-UK 104267 Optiflame 3D
Vivente 1500 Dimplex VVT150-UK 104793 Optiflame 3D


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1. What platform is the Flame Connect app available on?

Flame Connect is available on iOS and Android

2. Where can I download the Flame Connect app?

Flame Connect can be downloaded on iOS via the App Store or on Android via Google Play. Search for ‘Flame Connect’.

Do not download Flame Connect from any other locations/stores. If you see Flame Connect available from other locations, please contact customer support.

3. What are the minimum requirements to run the Flame Connect app?


An Android 6 (marshmallow) or iOS 10 capable device with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) support.



Rear-facing camera to assist in setup (QR code scanning).

4. What does the Flame Connect cloud run on?

The Flame Connect cloud is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud server platform.

5. How do I create a Flame Connect account?

Flame Connect accounts are created via the Flame Connect app. When the app is first installed and opened, there is an option to either sign-in with an existing account or register to create a new one. It is also possible to sign-in with an Apple ID.

Can I sign-in / register with a social media account?

6. Yes, at launch only Facebook log-in is available.

(On iOS, ‘Sign in with Apple’ is also available)

* Only specific product models and series letters are supported. Check the compatibility list at https://www.GDHV.com/FlameConnect/compatibility. Compatibility is subject to GDHV Internet of Things (IoT) Terms and Conditions.

** Flame Connect usage requires the download and installation of the Flame Connect onto a compatible device. Flame Connect usage also requires the creation of a Flame Connect account, which is subject to agreement of the GDHV Internet of Things (IoT) Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

*** Flame Connect app updates, product updates and all app usage require a broadband internet connection for app usage in all cases and in product connection for internet-connected product function; ISP and mobile carrier fees apply.

You can read in full the IoT Legal Policies on the links below.