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Gas fires

If choosing the right type of gas fire for your property feels like a daunting task, think again! Dimplex offers two stylish multi-flue gas fires designed to fit most homes. The slim Whitsbury and Siva inset fires, powered by Valor technology, will fit Class 1, Class 2 or pre-cast flues, meaning picking the right fire for your home has never been easier.

Benefits of gas fires

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Safety of fires

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Choosing the right gas fire

Chimney types for Gas fires

11 million homes in the UK have a chimney and a gas point, but when selecting a gas fire remember to check the product features to see if it is suitable for the chimney on the intended property. Dimplex gas fires are suitable for the majority of chimney types…


Conventional Chimneys

Common in houses dating to before 1960, conventional, or Class 1 (C1) chimneys are usually identifiable by a 7" (180mm) diameter or greater flue. 


Pre-fabricated flues

Pre-fabricated or Class 2 chimneys are usually found in houses where the existing chimney has been lined by a proprietary steel flue or a newer house with a steel flue built-in. They are usually identifiable by a 5" (130mm) diameter flue and a steel flue terminal.


Pre-cast flues

Identifiable by the rectangular box section flu and a terminal, these are usually found in new homes built later than 1960. These are also known as Class 2 pre-cast because of the concrete chimney system.