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Get more Zen with something for every sense

Opti-V electric flame effect

Studies have shown that the amount of overtime we put in at work has hit a record high. With that comes an uneven work-life balance and higher levels of stress. Here we have five easy steps you can take to ignite your senses and bring a little Zen into your home - allowing you to relax, unwind and feel rejuvenated, from the moment you step through the door.


When you arrive home after a long day, the atmosphere should be welcoming and cosy, allowing you to sink into your home life routine. This is easily achieved with soft, natural fabrics. Get a plush rug near the front door for the moment you take off your shoes, and set your lamps on a timer so you walk in to an instantly calming, soft atmosphere.


You have set a welcoming tone for the moment you enter the house, so incorporate this into the rest of your home using a Dimplex Aroma Diffuser with scented oils. Use lavender if you need to unwind, lemon if you want to rejuvenate or coconut to support the cosy vibe. This will flood your house with relaxing scents, so wherever you are, you will be surrounded by an uplifting fragrance. If you are more partial to pure, scent free air, then consider a Dimplex Air Purifier to improve the quality of air indoors, reducing the presence of polluting agents such as dust, cigarette smoke, unpleasant odours and more.


There is no denying the positive benefits of eating naturally and organically, and that shouldn’t end with food. Drinking one to two cups of organic green tea each day is shown to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol. It also acts as a perfect base for other health benefitting ingredients, so you can sit back with your feet up and enjoy a healthy warm drink after a long day.


Utilizing a soft, neutral colour palette and decluttering the space brings a natural, calming atmosphere. Replacing old nick-knacks with plants and putting electronics away whilst you take the time to unwind will instantly allow you to switch off from the world and focus on self-care. Enjoying  the flicker of a flame is a proven way to relax and we can offer a wide range of effects and styles of fires to suit any home, whether a bedsit or palace. Choose from the leaping two-dimensional effect of our Optiflame fires and stoves, the three-dimensional flames and smoke of Optimyst, and the photorealistic video and LED fuel bed of the Opti-V® range.


There have been plenty of studies showing the positive effects of the distinctive crackling sound of a fire. It has even been proven to cause a reduction in subjects’ blood pressure. The Dimplex Opti-V® range of electric fires utilises the latest technology to create flames and sparks for a virtual fireplace experience like no other, and the gentle crackling audio brings all of the relaxation of a gas or solid fuel fire without the hassle of maintenance. Our new Optiflame wall fires which are set to debut in the coming months come with a Bluetooth speaker that also provides an authentic sounding crackling to support the lovely looking fire effect.

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