XLS12 storage heater

The benefits of installed off-peak electric heating

All storage heater models:

•             Allow for quick and easy installation (no pipes, boiler or flue)

•             Offer 24 hours of warmth for the cost of 7-10 hours of cheap-rate electricity

•             Are 100% efficient

•             Require no annual maintenance

•             Are clean

•             Are safe

•             Are easily upgradable on a heater-by-heater basis

•             Have a very long life


Smart fan-assisted models such as Quantum offer additional benefits: 

•             Offer unsurpassed insulation levels, ensuring heat is retained for significantly longer than conventional static storage heaters

•             Have an ultra-quiet soft-start fan to unobtrusively and efficiently heat the room

•             Are fitted with the revolutionary iQ Controller which enables heating requirements to be preset

•             Have an easy-to-use electronic user interface

•             Feature a ‘Boost’ element, ensuring that heat is always available, even with unexpected demand

•             Offer highly accurate room temperature control