Quantum off-peak heater

Electric heating in the home

It is impossible to make sweeping statements about any energy used in the home, and the truth is that electrical heating is not always suitable for every building. However, it is a perfect response to smaller buildings with low energy requirements – in other words electric heating is great for homes, with bills that can be kept low and manageable. It also helps to reduce the overall carbon impact of a building which is critical for all our green future. 


The benefits of electrical heating

  • Lower upfront costs when building or renovating a home
  • You can build faster and with greater freedom
    • No need for gas on site
    • No need for boiler flues
    • No need for boiler condensate pipework
    • No need for service risers serving gas
    • No heating pipework in the house, which also means a lower overheating risk, and less risk of leaks
  • Peace of mind
    • No need for complex billing arrangements
    • No annual gas or boiler servicing
    • Little to no service or maintenance required

Installed heating explained