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How to get the best out of our multi-fuel fires

Installing your Stove

All stove installations should be carried out by suitably qualified individuals and comply with relevant Building Regulations.

Dimplex strongly recommends using a HETAS-registered installer. You can find details of your local installers on  or by phoning 0845 634 5626.

Many of the fireplace retailers who stock Dimplex stoves have their own HETAS-qualified installation teams and they can advise you on flue requirements and product suitability before purchase.

The most important consideration for getting the best out of a solid fuel fire is the chimney as the stove will not function efficiently if the draught is not correct. The draught is generated by the high temperatures within the chimney compared to cooler temperatures in the room. If the chimney is too short, poorly insulated, or cracked and letting in excess air the draught can be severely reduced affecting the efficiency of your stove. Hot summer days can also reduce the draught.

Maintaining the chimney is therefore not only important from a safety perspective, it will help improve the stove’s efficiency. Have your chimney regularly swept and checked by a qualified sweep.

Using your stove

The quality and type of wood burnt greatly affects the performance of a stove; the lower the moisture content of the wood, the higher the potential heat output and the lower the emissions and amount of soot produced. The first couple of times you use the stove, keep the fires small.

Wood fuel should be untreated hardwood logs that have been cut, split and seasoned for at least twelve months (left to dry somewhere undercover but with free air circulation) or kiln-dried so that the moisture content is less than 20%. Wood should be chopped as soon as possible after felling if it is to dry quickly. Some of the best species of timber for burning are ash and beech. Softwood species, particularly pine and fir, make poor firewood and, due to their high resin content, quickly create tar-like deposits in the chimney, necessitating frequent sweeping. You should not use wet or green wood.

The Dimplex range of stoves includes five models that are Defra-exempted to allow wood-burning in UK Smoke Control Areas. Exempt appliances can be used in designated Smoke Control Areas where wood-burning is otherwise illegal.

For locations of Smoke Control Areas visit

Peace of Mind

As a sign of our commitment to quality, all new Dimplex multi fuel stoves are guaranteed for 10 years. The 10 year warranty covers the main body of the stove and external cast body parts under normal domestic use.

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