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Low Carbon Heating Systems

Progressively tightening building standards and targets for all new housing to be zero carbon have been set in the UK, establishing a firm route towards low-energy buildings.

Government policy, legislation and incentives are also clearly emphasising the need for improvements in the energy efficiency and sustainability of the UK’s existing housing stock.

Meeting these challenging standards will inevitably require the use of renewable technology and increasingly, particularly in the new build sector, require combinations of technologies to be applied to achieve the required carbon saving standards.

Renewable technologies, strategically based around low-carbon electricity, will come to the fore, with longer term UK energy policy based on a decarbonised electricity grid. This is in place of unsustainable and insecure fossil fuels, creating a greater dependency on electricity as the primary energy source.

Dimplex’s range of renewable domestic heating systems are designed specifically to complement each other, perfectly matches the future needs of low/zero carbon buildings.


Ground source heat pump

Dimplex has more than 30 years’ experience in heat pump manufacturing and has developed a ground source range that includes small domestic systems from 4kW and able to be installed in multiples to meet the heating needs of buildings of all kind.

Air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps are increasing in popularity in the UK. With our vast experience in manufacturing highly efficient units for cold central European climates, the Dimplex range includes compact domestic units.

Energy-efficient unvented hot water storage

Dimplex has produced a range of unvented hot water cylinders to accommodate renewable energy systems, with models designed specifically to operate with either solar thermal systems or heat pumps or both.

Energy-efficient space heating

Dimplex SmartRad sets new standards for the way we think about space heating. Fast and responsive with accurate room-by-room control, SmartRad is attractively styled and designed to work with heat pumps.

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Heat Design Team

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