The benefits of electric water heating

Electric water heating is an efficient method of heating water directly with electric immersion that are in direct contact with the water, reducing energy losses than can be experienced from pipework, and circulating pumps.

If you have an off-peak electricity supply it allows the water to be heated during the evening or early morning providing a full tank of hot water ready for each day. The use of a booster immersion allows additional water to be heated during periods where water demands exceed the normal daily usage so that extra baths or showers can be catered for.

Electric Water Heating Safety

The Hot Water Associations (HWA) Charter puts in place all the elements required to ensure that hot water products are supplied in a way that they meet the terms set out in the Code of Practice. The Charter receives widespread support from heating appliance manufacturers and the suppliers of related products. It is managed and promoted by the HWA.

As a chartered member, Dimplex has been successfully audited by the HWA in the last year and adheres to the following code of practice:

•             To supply fit for purpose products clearly and honestly described

•             To supply products that meet, or exceed appropriate standards and building

and water regulations:

•             To provide pre and post sales technical support

•             To provide clear and concise warranty details to customers

The HWA Charter should be seen as a mark of excellence by customers who wish to deal with a reputable company.

All Dimplex water heaters comply with the appropriate regulations and are supplied with all necessary safety kits.